U.S.A ambassador devoted to support Timorese Youth

Lafaek News—U.S.A Ambassador in Timor-Leste Kathleen Fitzpatrick met with state secretary for youth and sport, Abrão Saldanha to introduce U.S embassy program regarding the youth engagement, educational and cultural exchange program that will set to empower many young people in Timor-Leste.

“These programs were designed to help and support Timorese young people. Two thousand Timorese youth are now involved in those programs in Uma Amérika at UNTL,” said U.S Ambassador Kathleen Fitzpatrick in SEJD, Thursday (03/09/2020)

According to her, in this exchange program, U.S.A will offer an opportunity to Timorese student especially deficient to participate actively in sport activities program

“We are pleased to implement U.S program regarding youth developing ability because many young people have the drive an initiative to contribute to their own country Timor-Leste,” said Ambassador
On the other hand, State Secretary for Youth and Sport, Abrão Saldanha said the meeting was aimed to discuss the possibility of U.S embassy to cooperate with SEJD on implementing sport activity and youth engagement program.
“We allowed U.S.A to help and support Timorese young people. U.S ambassador came to actualize the work on youth and sport area and there is a possibility that they will support Timorese young people,” said
He concluded that, the U.S embassy possible plan was to focus on youth sector and connect it to the Agriculture and tourism area.


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Tradutór   : Felisberto Fernandes da Costa

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