AJTL-UNDP Sign An Agreement To Empower Rural Journalist

Lafaek News—Journalist Association of east Timor (AJTL) sign an agreement with United Nation Development Program (UNDP) to empower the six (6) community radio service in municipality through providing journalism training and covid-19 prevention program.

This project will start on this September. Soon AJLT will conduct journalism training for the community ratio staff and producing educational program on covid-19 prevention in six (6) radio communities station such as, Viqueque, Maliana, Suai, Oe-kusse, Atauru, Likisa. Why these six radio Communities, is because they have become the target to corona Virus,” said the President of AJTL, Zivonia Veira, in Kaikoli, Tuesday (01/09/2020)

According to her, this project will prioritize border and also those rural areas that far from the capital Dili such as Viqueque because it is difficult for them to access to information.

“We run this program during six months in order to capacitate and empower radio community journalist on how to produce the educational program on covid-19 prevention and work with them in building talk-show zip, radio mega zip, and enhance the awareness on how to use protocol guideline healthcare system lastly, instruct the radio journalist on how to prevent covid-19 pandemic,” explained her

Also, aim to disseminate the information regarding on how to combat covid-19 and the fake news on the virus itself in social media to marginal community group, vulnerable group, LGBT group, vulnerable women, deficient, children and the local nurse.

Beside, National Project Manager and UNDP centralization project, Bernardino da Costa believe that, UNDP and AJTL can be a good partnership in working together to develop journalism area.

“AJTL is an institution that UNDP can easily entrusted in terms of the quality work” said Bernardino

UNDP focus on quality news in rural areas which are mostly fake and not based on fact. This case has become community issue that is way UNDP provide $ 10.000 in supporting AJTL deliver training and give seminar to municipal journalist.


Journalist          : Zeferino Barreto Gomes

Assistant edior : Pedro de Almeida

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